Blood of Souls - Madness, Mayhem, oh, and Music!


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This is definitely not one of your run-of-the-mill cookie cutter forums! I have created intriguing and interesting areas to discuss, including True Crime, The Occult, Paganism, the supernatural, all things horror, and lots more! 100% free and no ads!

Check us out for something different in form and function!

Just reached 1000 posts! Come look, but, you may never leave!

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Looks like a nice forum, I joined up. :)
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*Fixed a bug where new registration attempts would loop back to the register page

Also, lots of new content, and I revamped some of the categories and forums! :)
Lots of changes to the forum structure, new Co-Admin, and several speed and performance improvements!

Also, 1000+ posts! No, they aren't all by me. hehe
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