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Is that possible to make a tab to work like a link, which, when followed, the tab will be selected and opened?
I mean something different than #tab_id on the URL end or at least with it. I mean a hard link with full page re-load.

                            <span class="hScroller-scroll">
                                    <a href="{$MY_URL}"
                                        class="tabs-tab is-active"
                                        aria-controls="recent_content" id="recent_content"
                                        rel="nofollow">Recent Content</a>           
Any idea?

On xF1.5 there was something like ?type=recent_content.

In reality I want to use xF2 tab contents in addition with <xf:pagenav> so the page nav url or / and the tab should keep opened the relative tab.
A little old but I was bored so went through some unanswered questions.

You can have a tab which behaves like a link.
I have that in a custom add-on I made:
<a class="tabs-tab{{ $thread.thread_id == $_thread.thread_id ? ' is-active' : '' }}" href="{{ link('threads', $_thread) }}">{$_thread.title}</a>

Not though that you have to handle yourself in the code of the linked page the same display of the tabs and the correct selection.

I think that on the member page this still handled like that on xF2.
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