XF 1.2 Blanking Your Profile Status without Deleting Previous Statuses


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Is there a way to blank out your profile status without deleting previous statuses?

For example, if I added a status to my profile now that read "Today is a happy day," if I deleted it, my "400 more posts, and I'll have Well-Known Member status" would just show again.


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No it wouldn't.

If you delete your latest status, it will remain blank.
Perfect. Just gave that a try.

Now, if I wanted to blank my status without deleting a previous status, how would I do that? Additionally, I don't suppose it's possible to get my last status to show again without re-posting it, is it?


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The only way to clear your status is to delete the latest one.
So the simplest way is to post a new status - anything will do - then immediately delete it.

No, it's not possible to restore previous status messages.