blank XMG add media icon in message editor

How do I get the camera icon to show up for the XMG add media button? Thanks.
Edit: the icon appears in the default xenforo style so no problems with the add-on itself.
Message editor on my site using flat awesome (blank box):

How it appears here (with camera icon):
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Looks like you're using Font Awesome for the icons in the editor. You may need to simply add the new code:

html .redactor_toolbar li a.redactor_btn_custom_gallery:before
content: "\f083";
This was taken from a resource I posted a few months ago so the class may still be the same.

In case anyone else wasnt sure where to add this code, you'll need to edit the editor_ui.css file/s in your affected style/s.

ACP > Appearance > Styles

Then click on Templates next to the affected Style. Next search for editor, then click on editor_ui.css


Scroll to the bottom and paste the code posted by Russ at the bottom.


YAY fixed :)