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Bizdustry: is a Business Industry, Internet Entrepreneurs, e-Commerce, Investing, and general fun community all in one roof. We loved to have you and hope you learn and grow with us!

Bizdustry provides a currency for you to earn money from posting and you can cash out at certain point. Also be able to shop for web hosting, websites, and logo designs that you can use BizNotes for.

Providing Video section for your embed videos, so you can showcase your channel and not just share a video. The best way for your channels to get the exposure it deserves.

One of the biggest pet peeves is seeing places like Flippa allow the scammed websites. I hate seeing people invest thousands of dollars that is literally just a cheap script from codecanyon that they placed on a $.99 domain claiming to have AdSense earning and over 100+ users a day... the site is only 2 months old... Anyway vent over. Which also gave me the idea to bring a place that only accepted established or unique starter sites in their marketplace.

Personal Note.
I have always wanted to help others in the business world, specially online businesses preventing people from getting scammed and actually learning which route to start their online adventure. However I do feel some things you've just have to learn from your mistakes and flaws but to be able to point you into the right direction and provide the quality information! So I created a business niche forum hoping others will find the information useful.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.


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Great looking website. I like your colors and the general layout. Since I'm a business buff too, I'll be setting up an account with your site shortly. Nice job!
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Nice color
there is maybe a problem with your home page url. it add index.php, there is no reason?
and also change your ewr portal route url
and index.php?threads