Birthday Notification For Followed Members


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This is primarily a suggestion for XF2.

Usually members tend to follow other prominent members or friends, and though we have a "Today's Birthday" widget its on the members page. I forget to check that page myself everday and miss out on wishing a few members whom I want to. Of course me as an admin can show the member whose birthday it is a notice, but what about others?

It would be nice if you recieved an alert when a member you follow has his or her birthday, similar to birthday notifications on Facebook.

Edit: I know I can add widget to forum home as well but thats not my point here.


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I'm truly amazed that this simple yet so effective function still does not exist. All it needs is to trigger an alert when a followed member has their birthday. This then leads to positive community activity.

There is not even an addon for it.


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Its not the only thread with this suggestion. And there is a popular thread about birthday emails and related stuff.
But indeed. its a small feature and one that you would not easily think about.

When I see our members congratulating each other on Facebook, then this seems backwards. Because i'm certain this would happen on my site if if the function would be there.


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Yes. While that one is very much related and similar, its for sending the alert to the member who has their birthday. This suggestion is for sending the alert to members who follow the user that has their birthday.