Add-on Big or active boards: which chat software do you use?


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A question for anyone who has an active site (more than 100 concurrent users): which chat software do you use and how does this work for you?

I have been running various solutions on my big board (5000 concurrent users) and it has been disaster after disaster. I would really love to hear from big board admins and admins of high traffic sites about their solutions.

Daniel Hood

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You would probably need a custom solution. It would also have to work through the socket instead of through a pull method which most chat soft wares use.


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ive never been supportive of a live chat option, as a very brief test early on in our boards life showed significant negative impact to pageviews. we avg 900-1300 people online 24x7.

if you have seen the opposite, where a live chat solution increased pageviews, lets chat ;-)

our off-topic area seems to be where people congregate for random chat stuff. it helps with pageviews tremendously.


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Yes, I have seen the opposite. Its a matter of what kind of site you have and what chat is used for. If you let chat be a social distraction only then you may loose pageviews. However, if you use chat to let members connect, plan projects, discuss forum affairs, air feedback, talk to the staff, etc, then its a whole different matter.

Recently I have been busy with the development features for my site and therefore have let chat slip a bit. This immediately resulted in blogs from dissapointed members who complained about the shallow nature of chat now. Its easily fixed, but it shows that members value it if chat is not just meaningless social meme.