Better than Vbulletin?

john miles

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I'm researching a new forum and wonder if this Xenforo is consistently better than vbulletin's latest versions? We had vbulletin back in 06 but haven't had a forum since. Also, would this take the place of a wordpress site altogether, or complement it?

Chris D

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At the time you last used vBulletin, two of the main developers were Kier Darby and Mike Sullivan who left vBulletin a few years after that and founded and started developing XenForo :)

A lot of people have moved from vBulletin to XenForo but of course there are still a lot of vBulletin users out there.

We generally recommend that people give our demo a try which is here: Admin Demo. And of course try out some other software for comparison and base your decision on that.

As for WordPress, a lot of people use XenForo in conjunction with WordPress but there are also people who have replaced WordPress with various add-ons for example to add a portal (like a front page / news page) and article systems. These are third party add-ons but there are some high quality and well maintained ones.

Let us know if you have any further questions.
I JUST came from vB 5 Connect.... I had vb5 when it first came out, and could not stand it! I removed it almost instantly and couldn't get my money back. I used phpBB for a while and went back to my copy of vBulletin. I hated vBulletin so much that I made the switch to XF a week or two ago.

From what I am gathering being completely new to XF is that it is much easier for setup. I went and purchased a pixel exit theme and so far I am very happy. I am still in the process of putting it together I may check back with more feedback or message me direct if you have other questions. I would definitely help.


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I'm researching a new forum and wonder if this Xenforo is consistently better than vbulletin's latest versions?

Why not registering for the Xenforo Demo and find out yourself what´s better?!
No one can answer your question what´s better and what´s not. It depends on your needs.
To give hints and tips to turn you in the right direction might be ok...
Same with Addons, Styles etc... Some are getting proper development (probably the better ones), some not.

Digital Doctor

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I've added a related question here that could result in a revolutionary game changing enhancement for XenForo if it doesn't exist already which I suspect would very likely cause XenForo sales to skyrocket:

Press This is a great idea.

I see your suggestion was locked. :( is a great place to discuss this type of thing.
I'd love to hear more about it and Facebook Sharing and why you like these features.

FWIW. Xenforo + Wordpress + XenWord = Best of Breed. Settle for no less.

If you are able to generate useful content ... don't stuff that good content in a Xenforo thread.
Put it in an integrated WordPress Article and enjoy all the SEO goodness that affords. If you dont want Wordpress ... XenPorta2 is better than you think.

XenPorta2 demo:


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Was a fan of vbulletin but since buying this software i've never looked back. Vbulletin looks a little messy to work with these days. I've seen people try and work with it but it ends up not doing what it's meant to most of the time.