Lack of interest better email options


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i was thinking it would be great to send out an email to members that have zero posts and no avatar.
i realised i cant :(
criteria such as 'message count is at least' isnt too helpful because i cannot simply say 'message count is less than'. there is no provision for avatar criteria at all.
i thought i would run a query (a query would be great jake!) but i will have to user gmail or whatnot to send the mails because xf doesnt allow me to enter a list of addresses.
has any thought been given to making the email feature more flexible?


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It seems to me that criteria notices use and the criteria the trophy system uses would be to have available when sending email.
I have a custom user field, 'Receive third party emails' so I need custom field criteria to be available at least.

As I say, its used in notices, trophies and other parts of the system so I think it should be relatively easy to implement the same criteria here.

Thoughts? @kier @mike?