XF 1.5 Best way to optimize Xenforo database

I currently have a site with a Wordpress and Xenforo area. I use a Wordpress plugin called WP-Optimize to quickly run a clean up and optimize of my Wordpress database every few days to keep it running well. However, I don't have or know of such an easy way to do this with the Xenforo database. A Xenforo community search for a "xenforo optimize database" term does not result in an add-on or whatever that appears to do what WP-Optimize does.

So, I'd like to see how people here would recommend that I go about getting my Xenforo database cleaned up and/or optimized? Do I ask my host to do this or is there an add-on or some recommended way to do this? The reason I ask is that right now my Wordpress part of the site pulls up in about 1.2 seconds on average for the homepage and 1 second for other Wordpress pages. However, the Xenforo forums front page of my site usually takes anywhere from 2.0-2.9 seconds to pull up. The Wordpress and Xenforo homepages are about the same size (under 1 MB) and have about the same number of requests. I'm thinking maybe the database might need to be optimized as I do not recall ever doing this on my site.

Anyway, I'd like to get the Xenforo area of my site to pull up as quickly as my Wordpress site. Any ideas or help to figure out how to optimize by Xenforo database would be greatly appreciated.

I'm sorry if this is in the worng forum, I wasn't sure where to start this thread.

Thank you. :)


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Database optimisation isn't necessary.

The page load speed can't be compared between XF and WP as they are different software and the query count, requests, etc. is just part of what's going on when the page is loaded.

Server configuration and tuning will have the biggest impact on performance.
These links will help with regards to XF, but you will need to balance it with WP: