XF 1.5 Best way to fix-up footer add-on blurbs?


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I'm one of those forum owners who probably installs way too many add-ons. Some of these are branded, meaning they will add text and a URL in the forum footer. If I could afford branding-free versions of these add-ons, I would. However, as it stands, it would be nice if these blurbs were at least displayed in a somewhat uniform way. This doesn't look good ... :

I think it would look a lot better if all the add-ons stuff were on one line, separated by "|" characters. What is the best way of achieving this?


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Most likely it won't be possible as they will be added via template modifications.

However, you would need to seek permission from the resource owners anyway to alter the branding and they would be best suited to answer the question as to how it can be achieved.