Best Program and App For Writing and Storing Highly-Confidential Notes and Documents?


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I am writing some books and screenplays but do not trust any of the apps I have so far such as Notes for my iPhone and iMac and Springpad since they can view your information. I would like to be able to write and view my notes in both offline and online mode and when I save and store them they are encrypted so that no one can view them without entering a password etc. I need to be able to import these notes into Scrivener. I have both a Macbook Pro and PC, I use both frequently and I have an iPhone and a Evo Shift. I use both PC, Macs, iPhones and Androids basically, so this app or program would have to be available for all 4. Springpad is available for all 4 but like I said, it's not as secure.

Not feeling Springpad's export options:

Export your Springpad data to an html file:

Import your Delicious Bookmarks: (available under Settings > Services)
We don't yet support importing files from other services

Save anything to Springpad using email: This is a great way to send in lots of things from other services
Can I access my Springpad data offline?
We do not support offline access on the web app right now. However, you can access your stuff offline on the Android/iOS apps. Make sure the mobile app has fully synced, then you should be able to view all your stuff with the exception of comments and images. You can also manually add new items (like notes, tasks, etc) manually, but you cannot search for new stuff to add on the Search page.
Make sure that you sync as soon as you are connected to the internet, because any changes that you made could be lost if they have not been saved to our web servers.
I would have just used PGP desktop and created an encrypted hard drive container :). Store everything there, and encrypt.
After lots of research I finally decided getting Evernote since it's compatible with all my devices (PC, Mac, iPhone and Android). It has great security and I will be following this guide thoroughly to secure my documents (Evernote has an offline use and you can encrypt documents online and offline. I chose EverNote because it does the same stuff SpringPad does and AudioNote and I can sync it with Google Calendars using Powerbot. I'll definitely be using Evernote with Scrivener.
I learned that Evernote iOS App doesn't let you access notes offline without a paid subscription. I've deleted all my notes from Springpad because of that and now I'm gonna delete all the notes off my Evernote too. What a bummer man. I'm back to using regular Notes and instead of syncing with iCloud, connecting my Notes account with my Google account instead so that I can access my notes on my PC and Android. Now the problem here is that I am missing the audio function which I think is a must-have function of Evernote and AudioNote. AudioNote stores data locally however, just like the regular Notes app. So that's a definite plus over Evernote. Now I just need to find an App like AudioNote that lets you store notes both locally and through Gmail.
I just lost my most important notes on Evernote. I don't know how it happened but it did. I am deleting all my info from this app/program/service whatever and moving it back to NotePad.
I'm using OneNote's free app on my iPhone 5S and Macbook Pro and I'm loving it!

Can't insert voice notes though. Almost makes me want a Windows Phone.
Comparisons to Other Notetaking Software

Google Keep isn't available for all devices and is extremely limited in what you can do compared to OneNote and EverNote. OneNote is available for free for all devices, comes with a 7GB free compared to 60MB free for EverNote and allows you to embed nearly anything into a note, whereas with OneNote you're attachment types are very limited.

I was using EverNote before I switched to OneNote and this post by this forum user on EverNote's site sums up how I feel:

"OneNote does a much better job of syncing across multiple devices."

"What Evernote should FIX in their catastrophically BROKEN application is the complete UNRELIABILITY of syncing issues. I won't even go into details, the elephant IS in the room."
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