XF 1.3 Best Practises for Changing one Phrase and keep it updated during Updates?


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My community is in another language, so everytime I upgrade xenforo, I also have to upgrade my language file I fetch from the resources here.

I want to change one word of a phrase, I want to change Conversations into Private Messages, also Conversation into Private Message etc.

What's the best way to first find all the phrases and update them?
What's the best practise to keep the updates?

My idea is to first find all phrases with the acp>search phrases tool and overwrite them manually.

Then somehow I would have to create a custom language (mychanges.xml) file that only includes the few changed phrases. Then, whenever I upgrade my language file with the new one from the resource manager, I upgrade my language with the custom created language file (mychanges.xml), too.

Do you know how to create this kind of language file?