Best addon for implementing a virtual currency system for purchasing user upgrades



I am wondering what you all think the best virtual currency addon is for xenforo at the moment.

I really like what does in that their forum allows you to earn cash by posting and being active on the forum and then you can use your cash to purchase forum upgrades and VIP membership.

I am wondering what currency/cash addons are available within the resources and which ones allow users to buy upgrades for the forum.
There was a MyPoints addon for a while which does what you describe, but I saw some problems reported with it, and the developer has now discontinued it. I don't know of any other such addons for XenForo.
Okay thanks I will try those 2 out...

Oh yeah one more question, if I use the 2 addons above can I still utilize the default real money upgrades xenforo has for purchasing rights to user groups?
If I am not mistaken, ICE Shop uses user groups as well, but if you make sure you don't mix the VIP groups (real money) with the ICE groups (ecredits) you should be fine.
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