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******* - Beryllium [Paid] [Deleted]

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******* submitted a new resource:

******* - Beryllium - The Beryllium is a Premium XenForo Style built in the Stylium Framework that super flexible.


The Beryllium is a Premium XenForo Style built in the Stylium Framework that super flexible and has a fully responsive design.

LIVE DEMO: http://demo.*******.com/index.php?theme=Beryllium

- Stylium Framework Stylier
- presets for your design customizeable by your users.
- Powerful Admin Style Properties - intuitive and user friendly, the admin style properties has a...
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Just to make sure again,

I will have sidebars in both sides. And the width will be 100% to fit in. Please check the mockup, will that sliding button can put in the right side also? I mean I want it in both places.

I am using bdwidgets for my sidebars.
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@Barbossa We're regret about that but currently, we only support to shift right sidebar to left and left to right and all of them based on one sidebar.

If you want to do your request, we'd like to offer a custom work service to solve it.

I have bought this theme a few months ago. Then today I tried to upgrade it to the latest version.
After the upgrade I found myself with to versions of Beryllium in styles sections. Is it supposed to work this way?


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Thanks for your purchasing. As your issue description, we'd like to recommend you to edit Beryllium style and make it is child of Stylium Framework (see following screenshot)



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******* updated ******* - Beryllium with a new update entry:

04/11/2014: Version

We are pleased to release the next version of Stylium Framework 1.1.0 with following changes:
- Supported Font Awesome 4.2.0.
- Added "Save as Board Default" button for stylium setting.
- Fixed stick navigation bug on Boxed 1 & Boxed 2 layout.
- Fixed bug font selector in style properties not change.
- Fixed bug style load after board's default style loaded.
- Minor bug fixes.
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