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[bd] Reroute [Paid] 1.0.3

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xfrocks submitted a new resource:

[bd] Reroute - Take extra care of those shiny URLs.

[bd] Reroute
Take extra care of those shiny URLs.

1. Custom route or domain for nodes
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2. Node and thread link with hierarchy
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3. Custom domain for any route prefixes ( ->
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4. Custom route for languages
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Mike Edge

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So with this I could have a forum domain.tld/support instead of domain.tld/support.12 ? Can I do the same with catagories too?


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Do I need to send you a conversation on your forum regarding a payment I sent you Tuesday too ? Or you can confirm my payment on this board just by checking ur paypal account and answering me if its ok ?


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Thanks for the response !

Regarding this addon (Reroute) , I tried to find any difference on the sample you gave but couldn't find any, hehe


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If I have an addon which uses a brand new route, for example 'myroute', can I then create a subdomain like