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Hi everyone,

I've been running a forum on bbPress for many years now, but it's been getting more and more buggy so want to professionalize the forum software. XenForo seems to come out on top as the current best software.

I have limited technical knowledge myself (I can get around the basics though) so I'm looking for something or someone to migrate all the bbPress-data to the new XenForo one. I already tried searching this forum but can't seem to find any plugin that's not many years old. So now I'm looking for advice: is this possible to do, and if yes, how? Of course I do not mind paying for such services.

My forum has 811 topics, 170,000 comments and 20,000 users (although a lot of spam among them).

Looking forward to getting in touch with you.

Thanks, Jos


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We don't have a native importer for bbpress so you would need to do a two stage import using other software as an interim step - something like VB, IPB, phpBB, assuming they have one for bbpress.

XF doesn't provide import services but there are third parties who do.
I expect some of them will post here soon.