Add-on BBpixel support for xenforo / joomla / wordpress / multi systems integration engine.

Digital Doctor

Well-known member has provided Login Integration for a long time (7 years?).
They were the first to support vBulletin + Joomla in a usable, reliable way.

Multi Systems Integration Engine

Designed for integrating any kind of third party scripts, MSI Engine can provide ultimate power for administrators who want to make their site become a United User System.

* Single Sign On
* Support multi third party scripts *
* Support multi domain names or sub-domain names
* Support multi server hostings
* Support separate MySql database connection
* Ajax base system for Login, Register and userCP form
* Re-Captcha supported to prevent un-wanted bot/spammer from blood our site
* Automatically login even in cross domain names/separately server
* Ability to synchronize users
* Ability to set session timeout
* Ability to add new, delete or edit a user
* Ability to set Administrator's privilege which allow to manage All users

* Third party scripts must be in MSI Plugin List to be supported
I think that with vBulletin and IPB being supported ... the logical growth market is adding xenforo !!
I am going to contact him and try and convince him to get xenforo on his list of supported software.

Digital Doctor

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I'd like to know:
  • if cookies are created in the respective plugin programs ?
  • does it create profiles in the respective plugin programs ?
  • if it supports password changes in the respective plugin programs ?
  • is it xenforo 1.1.1 compatible ?
  • is the xenforo plugin purchasable ?
  • performance of the MSI engine.


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The Demo Section there is closed. And Core File Patching is needed. That's nor really what I like.


Formerly Dinh Thanh
Got an answer, They don't support more than 1 Xenforo installation.

We regret that currently MSI engine is not fully support Xenforo with 2 copies, for single copy of Xenforo and other system is in beta state also.

Thanks for your interested in our products.


Formerly Dinh Thanh
There is a great news from BBPixel

We're doing hard to release the final version for this Xenforo supported, the estimated time is in 20-Feb-2012 in which new demo section is open and allow to buy directly from our site.
Thanks again for your info,


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I used bbpixel in the past for vbulletin+joomla but their solutions needs editing core files. :(