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BBCode replacement using Kier's Post Content Replacement Tool


Formerly MsJacquiiC
I've 100+ posts that have the following/similar bbcode:

[mp3=San Zeno by Zach Finch]http://jpicforum.info/audio-poem-of-the-day/zach-finch_san-zeno.mp3[/mp3]
What I would like to do is to tranform these bbcodes to how my new mp3 bbcode is formatted. Like so:
[mp3=http://jpicforum.info/audio-poem-of-the-day/zach-finch_san-zeno.mp3]San Zeno by Zach Finch[/mp3]
So I'm basically switching the url to the track name and vice versa. I have Kier's Post Content Replacement Tool installed. I suppose the Quick Find string will be mp3=

So I'm looking for the Regular Expression and the Replacement String. Is this possible?

Thanks for any assistance!