Not a bug BBCode issues - Multiple


Might not be an issue for some people but my people are reporting an issue with the BB code.... Maybe someone has insight?

So for awhile now there has been a bug with spoilers coming up as two. the reason behind this is unknown but the cause is bbcode. whenever you modify the spoiler in anyway it will produce another one. for example. [spoiler ] [/spoiler ] will produce only one spoiler. [ b][spoiler ] [/ spoiler][/b ] will produce one however! [center ] [b ][ spoiler] [/spoiler ] [/b ] [/center ] will produce 3 But then if you do this, [ spoiler] [ center] [ b] [/spoiler ] [/b] [/center] will produce 1 so one can gleen from this that bbcode being used with the spoiler is causing multiple spoilers to appear when only one is intended.


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There is no default spoiler tag, you will have to contact the author from which you got the code.

Or, if you can find a reproduce case using only default BBCodes, it is more likely to be a XenForo issue.