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BB Code Parser

BB Code Parser 1.5

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Remove undesired BB Code tags from messages.


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AndyB submitted a new resource:

Message Parser - Remove undesired BB Codes from messages.


The Message Parser add-on is designed to remove undesired BB Codes from messages. By default it will remove the following BB Codes:


How it works:

When a message is saved, this add-on will remove undesired BB Codes.

How to modify which BB Codes are removed:

Edit the library/Andy/MessageParser/DataWriter.php file between the "start preg_replace" and "end preg_replace".

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I would like to remove some options (font color, font size and font style) from posts and the Redactor toolbar. Is this add-on the best way to accomplish this?

Liam W

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@AndyB please change the protection level of Andy_BBCodeParser_DataWriter_DiscussionMessage_Post->_messagePreSave() to protected, as it should be.

It is causing error's with one of my custom addons.

I didn't realize that it doesn't work in conversations. Our primary reason for using it is to prevent "normal" users from inserting full-size photos in posts. I HATE scrolling past 10 full-size photos that don't interest me when our 250px thumbnails are big enough to decide whether I want to look at them full size.

Having it work in conversations would be nice, but IMHO not essential. It's MUCH less of a problem in conversations than it is in threads/posts.