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BB Code Media Sites Google Drive or Google Document - Embed Google Document such as Word, Excel, PDF into Xenforo thread

Since I need to embed a PDF file to my Xenforo Forum, I found this link related to my need

However, this seems to not work anymore because maybe Google integrated Google Docs into Google Drive or changed the embed link.

This tip will give your forum an ability to embed Google Document (now it is placed in Google Drive) files such as Word, Excel, especially PDF file, etc. I haven't try other...

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Noticed that this link
<iframe src="{$id}/preview" width="100%" height="640"></iframe>
seems incorrect but this one
<iframe src="{$id}" width="100%" height="640"></iframe>
seems correct. Only problem is that the iframe is not shown...


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I can't seem to get it to work.

I entered it in... but then what does a user do to add it to the site?


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How are you guys getting it to work? I just get the iframe code in my message but it does not embed...