Lack of interest Batch update users filter: "Avatar is set" & "last login is same as day as registration day"

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We have quite good antispam rules on our forum:
  • CleanTalk to block knows emails from registering (this does ~80% of the work)
  • No homepage/irc/skype fields will show until certain "points" are reached (custom template edit)
  • Various trigger words will put thread into moderation queue (XF inbuilt)

There are still a few spammers that seem to register manually, and then give up once they see that we don't allow them to do spammy things.

These can be quite easily found with filtering for: 0 messages, 0 reactions, 0 trophy and a registration date less than few weeks.
- When checking the list of those users, there are still some that seem like valid registrations

The common denominator for these "valid users" is that they have bothered to set an avatar.
The common denominator for spammers is that registration date & last login date are the same.

So what I'm proposing is 2 new filters:
  • ☐ User has avatar set
  • ☐ User last logged in on their registration day

The avatar filter I guess should be an easy query to add.. The register/last login check might be a bit trickier (if it needs to be a fast query)

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