XF 1.5 <base> and template tags


Hey guys,
I'm trying to get anchor links working without having to use {$requestPaths.requestUri}.

This is because I'm using html in my threads (using an addon that allows me to parsehtml into thread posts) and I'm trying to do something like <a href={$requestPaths.requestUri}#test>test</a>.

{$requestPaths.requestUri} doesn't work outside of xenforo templates so I'm stuck :(

Any ideas on how to get it working? Is there a way I can edit xenforo <base> so it works default <a href=#test>?

I found this advice but have no idea if this is a fix I can use for my issue:
Anchor links to mainpage

I tried looking for a template to put that fix in, but can't seem to tell which template refers to thread posts.
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