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We are about homesteading and personal rights.

My forum started in Sept, 2002, but has declined in recent years to almost nothing. Back in 2004, we occasionally had 70 users online at one time. Now we are lucky to get 20 logging in a whole day. PHPBB was the software until I switched to xenforo recently.

Constructive criticism is probably very much needed. I am all ears because I see valuable inputs that have been given to other sites. I read them also. :) One thing I would be interested in hearing is how inviting does it seem when you log on and if you participate? We have a lot of people who have signed up, log in a couple of times, then we never hear from them again. I'd like to understand how to make the site a place a person would want to continue to visit. This may be a bit difficult because we are conservative and most of our users do not like the current direction of the USA. Some of us are hard core Ron Paul supporters. I've often thought that a liberal would have less chance of surviving there than an ice cube on the sidewalk on a hot summer day. But then I am sure there has to be conservative users who do not come back either. I would appreciate any inputs, the bad, the good, or the ugly. Thanks all! :)



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I think your forum looks inviting enough. The best thing you can do is participate yourself to get it going again and I see you are doing that.

I run a similar type of forum here in Australia (it's not very established yet) and the difficulty is getting our demographic to participate because they are generally older, and less tech savvy, plus there's not as many of us ie homesteading is a narrow subject.

Although initially focused on acreage we now try to include members who live on any sized property to increase our base.

Also an article section could draw more traffic with some good targeted content what'd reckon?