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I must start by saying i'm new to XF. I came from a long walk with VB, please excuse my noobness, I"m still used to the other platform :)

My question is simple and can I ban an user on XF? I mean..I know I can ban them from ACP, but if I find a spam thread, the only actions I have is delete, unapprove etc...without actually banning the user or all threads posted by that user.

As for the permissions, I'm trying to do this as an administrator :)

Tnx alot and sorry again if this question may sound silly, but I really can't find any option in the moderation overlay.
yep, I know they aren't..but I have given myself all permissions. Anyway, I double checked the Spam Management menu in ACP, all values are 0, the Ban user option is also checked. Also, checked the Usergroup Permissions for Administrators and Moderators, both having Allow on the Spam Cleaner. However, there's no option in the I doing something wrong?
yep, Registered Users had Never...i don;t know how i missed that :)

anyway, a last I have the Spam option on the first post of the I can do everything pretty much from there. My questions is, can't i ban the thread without going on the thread page? Like checking all spam thread from forum view and ban them from there?

Sorry again for the silly questions, I'm trying to familiarize myself with the system
The Spam Cleaner link isn't available from there.

But you can click on a user avatar and hover over the avatar on the member card; the Spam link will then appear.
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