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XF 1.4 Banner, website name and forum icon questions

Hi all,

Wanting to customize these items...

- the banner, responsive and with website name over top of whatever picture(s) I choose. even better, rotating banner or slideshow of picrtures I choose, with website name over top, and responsive design?

- the "2 balloon" forum icons to the left of each forum title. i would like to personalize these, insert my own logo/icon instead?

Thanks in advance, I am computer illiterate so...sorry, in advance as well. :oops:
So, I currently have a banner that I installed using the instructions in the manual, it has website name logo, etc, but it is not really responsive at all. If you look at it on a larger computer screen it doesn't change to fit, and vise versa on smaller screen. Ideally it would be nice to have it fit the entire header area, without the background/border color altogether...

Is there some reasonably easy way to do that?