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Sim submitted a new resource:

Banner Advert Generator - Generates simple image-based banner adverts to help you style advert placements

This is a tool for developers who are styling their advert placements.

While working on styling programmatic banner adverts for my site, I got frustrated with adverts that wouldn't display consistently on my dev machine - so I built a tool which generates static advert images (of any size!) for me.

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This tool is accessed via a template function where you specify the size of the advert and optionally, an id for the div and the colour (if you want to...

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You'd want to turn off all other adverts while styling things and then you can just swap the ads back once you're done.

That's the nice thing about the XenForo Advertising system - you can create multiple adverts for a single slot and turn them off and on as necessary.

In my case, I've turned off my Google DFP based adverts while I get the styling sorted out using this addon, then I'll turn off the generator ads and turn the DFP ads back on after applying the new styling to them.