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Banned Emails Wildcard Option (Just Checking)

Lone Wolf

Well-known member
I have a lot of spam users signing up with email addresses containing strings like...


If I add the following to banned emails then will it block these specific strings...


Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
It is best to target email domains, like:


That will work.

But email banning is a cat and mouse game. I recommend CAPTCHA:

Admin CP -> Tools -> Question and Answer

Lone Wolf

Well-known member
I had that stuff on with VB but it didnt help too much. Plus I wanted to target specific spammers.

For example I had over 100 spam accounts registered that looked something like this...


Basically a random name and a well known domain (like live.com) but the common denominatory was always '142@'

So wont it work if i do...