Baltic Sea UFO


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Initially very interesting, until the point when it was compared to the Millennium Falcon and they said "The company have created a submarine that they hope will appeal to tourists" - so I think this is an awful lot of publicity to try and generate some ticket sales :)


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I remember reading about this months ago and no one has gone down to take a look? I'm surprised, well, not really, because it's apparent these people are monetizing the "find".

If anything, it looks like a crashed meteor, heh, not sure about the idea of it being an alien ship

On another note, why do people say UFO? Sure it's unidentified, but it's not flying, so wouldn't it be UUO (Unidentified Underwater Object?) hehe

I do believe in aliens and them visiting us, but they sure are clumsy, they keep crashing their ships all over the place, if it isn't the ocean, it's some farmers ranch in the middle of no where. :p