XF 1.5 Bad request for Imunify360 captcha server.

I recently purchased several days ago XF and I installed it with no problems. Later on, I added two moderators. I tested out some post here an there. Then my Moderators and myself noticed that when we try to upload more than two images, we get this "Bad request for Imunify360 captcha server. "
I have looked and searched everywhere with no answers on google etc. Then before I can do anything else I have to answer the image test like how many street signs, etc.

I then completely removed XF from server and started again. Same results.

I am using XF theme that came with purchase.

I wrote my host to see if they know anything. I found out on Host that they do have Imunify Enabled and you can not disable it... Yikes ---
Ok, so I wrote host and so far they asked for the IP that is being blocked. This is got me very worried about the host. I hope they can make some type of adjustments to the Imunify360.
By the way--- I am currently running PHPBB 3.2.0 and not experiencing this problem with current host. So, when I installed XF, that is when the Imunify360 reared its head ... that is strange. So, I can not get off of PHPBB 3.2.0 until I get this figured out.
Then my next move is to find an importer that will handle PHPBB 3.2.0

Thanks Tracy

For my own security purposes here, I will only say that there was an application in my host control panel that the Host suggested configuring. So, I am hoping that this does it.