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XF 1.3 Backup fIle problem after domain name change

Discussion in 'XenForo Questions and Support' started by TheSalt, Jun 27, 2014.

  1. TheSalt

    TheSalt Active Member

    Hello Gang!

    I have been doing some searching on how to change my forum domain name and to be honest it's very confusing to me. To be clear, I want to keep my forum and all it's content I just want a different ULR. Do I really need to move the database and reinstall xenforo on the server just to change my ULR? The idea of doing this and messing something up is terrifying.

    Godaddy is my host and it is a shared server. I know no one likes godaddy, but I'm new to all this and it was a safe bet. Currently when I back up my forum I use the cpanel software godaddy provides. I tried looking into running a back up using code on the sever but it is way beyond my skill level. So I use the phpMyAdmin to backup the 'Database' and I use Backup Wizard to backup the 'Home Directory'. Do backing these two things up assure the forum will be put back together the same way on the new install if that is what I have to do?

    I also have a custom theme/style running, do I need to backup/export that as well via ACP?

    I know there is lots threads out there for this but I'm really looking for an idiots guide. Can someone explain this to me please?

    Many Thanks,
  2. TheSalt

    TheSalt Active Member

    Guys does this sound correct for a domain name change?

    1. backup database
    2. backup home directory
    3. export theme
    4. change domain on server
    5. erase root folder content
    6. install xenforo
    7. restore direstory
    8. restore database
    9. install theme (if needed)
    10. Change domain on xenforo license on xenforo account

    Also is it safe to skip and install xenforo 1.3.3 when changing the domain if the datebase and directory is currently running on 1.3.0?

    Thank you for any help!
  3. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    How can I move my installation to a different domain or host?
    Backup the existing database and server files. Copy them to the new domain/server and update the library/config.php file with the new database details as required. It may be necessary to set permissions for the data and internal_data directories to world writeable (CHMOD 0777). Lastly, update the Board URL in the ACP -> Options -> Basic Board Information, if it has changed.
    Note that if you are moving to a different type of web server and have Friendly URLs enabled, you will need to make the appropriate changes. Refer to the Friendly URLs section of the XenForo Manual for more details.
    Note also that redirection will be required if the domain name changes, to ensure any existing links continue to work.

  4. TheSalt

    TheSalt Active Member

    Thank you @Brogan. The forum is loading on the new ulr but it's not letting me sign in, I'm getting and error. "California Reefs - Error... A server error occurred. Please try again later"

    Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 4.30.26 AM.png
  5. TheSalt

    TheSalt Active Member

    When I try to sign in at domain/admin.php it doesn't work ether. Also after I sign in there, I get an odd "M" below the username???? I deleted username and pw in the image below.

    Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 4.43.23 AM.png
  6. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    Have you moved to a new server?
    If so, have you confirmed it is compatible?
    What are the versions of MySQL and PHP?
    How did you export and import the database?
    Check the server error log to see more details on the error.
  7. TheSalt

    TheSalt Active Member

    I used the help of godaddy... it sucked. Assigned the new domain to the a new folder in the old root folder, extracted the directory file in the new folder within the root folder and imported the old database file to the newly created database and changed the config.php file. For some reason the guy didn't want me to delete the contents of my root folder. He had me add the new domain to a folder in the old root folder. I'm sorry I'm really not good at this stuff...

    I also changed the license. I don't see any errors for the old domain in the log. No server change.

    Server: Localhost via UNIX socket
    Server type: MySQL
    Server version: 5.5.32-cll-lve - MySQL Community Server (GPL)
    Protocol version: 10

    Current PHP version: native (5.4)
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2014
  8. TheSalt

    TheSalt Active Member

    I know this is a pain... I really want to delete the root folder and start from scratch and import the directory and database... Do you think it would help?
  9. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    You can move the files and database to wherever you wish.

    It's a fairly straightforward procedure - I do it several times a month when I backup my live site and install it elsewhere.
  10. TheSalt

    TheSalt Active Member

    So to be clear I don't have to reinstall xf if I reinstall the old directory and database?
  11. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    Yes, just follow the instructions I posted earlier.
  12. TheSalt

    TheSalt Active Member

    Hello again,

    I deleted everything in the root folder that used to contain my forum with the old domain (californiareefs). Next I point the new domain (reefpeeps) to the public_html. Then I used the “Backup” option on the cpanel and uploaded/reinstalled the directory files. Next I uploaded/installed the database in the cpanel “Backup”. When I loaded the new ULR it loaded the forum but using the default theme not my theme and still would not allow me to sign in.

    Next I created a new datebase using the same user and password but named the new database reefpeeps. I then went into the config.php and changed the database name. Next I went into phpMyAdmin, selected the reefpeeps database and imported the old database backup into the new database (localhost.sql). After uploading it showed the error I posted below. When I loaded the webpage it is now using my theme but I still cannot sign in.

    I want into the cpanel to check the permissions on “data” and “internal_data” are they are set to 777 and world is checked all across.

    I’m at my ropes in with this, I hope I didn’t completely ruin my forum… Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?:cry:

    Many Thanks


    Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 8.38.15 AM.png
  13. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    I'm not really sure what you've done or what state it is in.

    All you need to do, in the most basic steps, is
    - copy the files to the new server
    - create a new database instance (with the same db name, user, password)
    - export and import the database
  14. TheSalt

    TheSalt Active Member

    I dont know what to do... It's not working and the host is saying they are not responsible for the error code or know how to fix it.... I have no idea what to do at this point... The forum was working before, I used there software to back up the directory and database but when I reinstall everything it doesn't work.
  15. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    How large is your database?

    Dumping and restoring large databases should really be done via shell.
  16. TheSalt

    TheSalt Active Member

    DB is 53mb and the Directory files are 210.3mb. I'm on hold with them but they think the problem is that the old domain is imbedded in the database and it is messing it up. I get it but I don't think it is the problem going off of what you are saying and I'm sure you know more about it than these guys. I'm at your guys mercy at this point. I cant fix this.
  17. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    The domain/URL is not "embedded" in the database.

    You don't even need to update the Board URL for it to work - that is primarily for links in emails.
  18. TheSalt

    TheSalt Active Member

    Something odd is happening... When I upload the database using their cpanel backup software it loads the forum with the default theme. It shows me as signed in but it says 'The board is currently being upgraded. Please check back later.' When I click on the admin link it says 'Admin Control Panel - XenForo The board is currently waiting to be upgraded. Please complete the upgrade.'

    When I create a new database and import the old database into it using phpMyAdmin it gives me the error I posted above. I then go into config.php and change the database. It loads my page with my theme but I cant sign in. Now the stranger part is when I view the new database on the cpanel it is saying it is empty. But when I delete it without changing the config.php back, the page loads as an error. That means there has to be something in the new database even though it show nothing right?

    They tested the server and said everything is working right so the problem has to be with the xenforo software. What I don't understand is it was working on their server and I used their cpanel per their instruction and those files no longer work when I put them back. They have washed their hand of the problem so I don't know what to do know. I have a forum that I cant use and apparently all my users and work is lost.......
  19. TheSalt

    TheSalt Active Member

    The forum has been down the last 12 hours and I have been trying to fix it the whole time...:(
  20. Andrej

    Andrej Well-Known Member

    Are you moving to another server, or you just changing the domain on a existing server? You said previously you aren't changing servers... then in reality the only changes you would need to do is update the Board URL in Admin CP and move the files to the correct directory (if need).
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2014

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