I was recently looking into as an additional way to monetize my forum, but their setup requires adding raw PHP code to a file (and I don't want to be editing XenForo core files, obviously, because I have no idea what I am doing).

Is there any workaround or "hook" for something like this to make these types of ad integrations possible? The PHP itself should work but I can't be editing raw files on the server. Iframes are not allowed for the setup so can't just make a standalone file with the code and "reference" it.

In addition to the question above, if this can be implemented curious if anyone has tried this network and had any luck with it? I am exploring more ways to make money from paid posts and backlinks instead of just pay per click. What has worked for you?

Thanks for any feedback!

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I did not know that service, but had a quick look at it. I thought such services were dead since a long time ago. What does can be considered as spam by google. If you really want to earn money with external links, if would be more efficient and safe to work with sponsored articles and manually include the links in a text, that is connected to the link's topic. Of course, you would have to find customers, negotiate with them, charge them, and so on..

Code-wise the integration should be doable with a small add-on: You only have to fetch the links via PHP from their database (they seem to provide code snippets for that) and print them on certain pages.

P.S. is built with wordpress - so it does not seem to be a really professional service. Wordpress is fine for a blog, a news site or any small website, but for a enterprise site... :-/


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for a enterprise site
Does count? (whose forum is IPS, btw)

You'd be surprised who's running WP in what context, at all levels. Additionally don't forget that a number of entities will have a WP site sat in front of their system so they can do all the easy content management stuff from a marketing perspective and then have the real grunt system handled by something else afterwards.


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Is similar to skimlinks?
no. is for better google ranking of the sites, that get a link on an other site (which can be called spam). Skimlinks is for affiliate links.

You'd be surprised who's running WP in what context, at all levels.
No, not surprised. I just don't like to go the easy way and have several problems afterwards. But yeah, calling a site "not professional" because of wp usage might not be fair. But they don't even have a custom favicon, so the site does not seem to get much love..