Other Award Trophy Multiple Times

Hello All-

I've read through many trophy threads and didn't find an answer to this, nor did I find one in the manual.

We want to issue a trophy as a "Log-in" bonus once per day. We have an extensive Rank latter that we intend to use in perpetuity and want people to invest years on our site. We want to award loyalty.

We can't find a way to do this with the systems and criteria we have -- we have two of Waindigo's add-ons for customization but we can't get this to work. I tried setting criteria to User must be logged-in and must make at least 1 post. It awards once but we want it to award everytime the user logs in (max 1 per day.)

Are we overlooking something or is this an entirely different add-on???

Thanks in advance! Any help would be greatly appreciated!