Avoid .php in [IMG]



Hello, I would like help about a famous bug that happen on any forum software.

That bug is the following :
- A user made a PHP pages on his own server, that steel any visitor's IP adress.

That user embed that pages in BB Code.

So, is there a way to forbid for example .php codes. Is there a way to fix that withou disabling the whole IMG BB Code.


Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
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The problem is that limiting the file extension for IMG locations doesn't protect you. A gif extension can be rewritten to a PHP script. There is no way to protect against this without disabling the IMG tag entirely which requires an addon.

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You don't need to put it in a directory, you can just have a signature.gif that's actually a php file, which stores referrer data to a database, and spit out the real signature.gif. None the wiser.