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******* - Avoid Bad Words [Paid] [Deleted]

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******* submitted a new resource:

******* - Avoid Bad Words - Restrict any users for posting bad words in their content by prohibiting all the assigned words.

Do you want to avoid all the bad words in your site? And you want that all those words are nowhere to be found? Well, it’s never easy like now with Avoid Bad Words add-on.

This add-on helps us to restrict any usergroups or an assigned user to post a content within a "bad word" inside. The administrator could choose to give forbidden law for any words he/she thinks that it’s harmful and must be erased in the forum/post/comment… any content he/she choose. By doing this, the site content will...
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It's really usefull!

By the way, can you make something similar to this which blocks to create threads title contains words except a-z. I mean when member try to create a thread which title contains words like "╗▓ñ├○||" etc. it'll show a warning popup to member about he's not allowed to use these words in thread title. It would be very usefull. :)
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