XF 1.5 Avatars not updating


Solved! There was an issue with our CDN configuration.

I personally had this issue yesterday as well, and thought it was fixed, but it appears not.

When I had this issue, I would update my avatar, and it would only change the thumbnails. Any larger version of the avatars wouldn't work. I did some research and found out that the CHMOD was configured incorrectly. I'm on shared hosting, and it took two hours trying to get my host to change the permissions to 777. I had to link them to the manual twice, and it finally ended with them saying they would change only the two directories (data and internal_data) and not the contents, because the guide didn't specify that.

After they did this, I was able to update my avatar normally and thought it was resolved. I just got a report from a user that his avatar is updating on his profile, member card, and topic view, but not in the visitor panel or thumbnail on his login bar (which is the opposite of what happened before). It's only visible on his end, but still an issue nonetheless.

I'm guessing I'm in for another long time trying to get this permission changed, but before I contact them again, is there anything else this issue could be caused by?

If not, could I be given a link to documentation saying to change the contents as well, or have a xenForo staff member specify that this is what needs to be done so my host will go ahead and do it?

I'm really sorry for the inconvenience. I spent far too long on this yesterday and wouldn't have posted here if I had been able to figure it out/convince my host.

Thanks so much for your time!
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As long as the /data and /internal_data directories are 0777 recursively, that's all that should be required.

Can you link to an affected member?

You can check the small, medium, and large versions of the avatar by navigating to the URLs directly, for example:
I asked someone to test it out in my Discord chat - it seems it's every user now (only one person reported it prior to me asking). Publicly, for most, it displays fine. But on the user end, it shows the wrong avatars in varying places. For some, it won't update in topics and on the profile. For others, it won't update on the visitor panel and thumbnail. The avatar can be updated once with no problem. Any updates after that (to a different file) have the issue.


I can PM you admin and FTP credentials if you'd like.

Thank you for your reply!

Refresh browser caches.
This is the first thing we did and had members do - no change, unfortunately.


I got this figured out - there was an issue with our CDN that's now been fixed. :)

Thank you again for the responses and your time, it's much appreciated.