Lack of interest Automatically Update Time Zone If User Moves


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XenForo already automatically detects your time zone when you register, but I'm not sure if this would be possible.

Let's say I moved from Washington to New York. XenForo should automatically detect that and adjust my time zone setting from Pacific time to Eastern time, accordingly, the next time I visit a XenForo forum.


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The problem would be for people that travel a lot. I'm in multiple time zones each month but would prefer to see my forum time in a single time zone. I live in Pacific time (UTC -8) but actually have my default (guest) time (and server time) set to Eastern. It's really easy for me to perform time calculations from the time displayed and it would add confusion if it shifted depending on where I accessed the forum from. Even more of a headache when I access through TOR....

I think a better suggestion would be for users to maintain their profiles if they moved.


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Yes. Was a suggestion for your members to 'maintain their profiles'. I don't think XF should do this by geolocation automatically
Oh! Gotcha! xD

But yeah, that's why I suggested this, because, well... many members don't remember. :ROFLMAO:


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If the timezone comes from your IP address then you would basically screw with mobile users heads. You never know what state your cell phones IP is showing up as. Ive actually had 2 users in different states end up on the same Sprint IP at a given time and it wasn't geolocating to either state.

I have to use a VPN at work and I also use it as a tether bypass on my windows tablet. I usually choose new york but...