XF 2.2 Automatically changing membership levels based upon time


Hey guys,
Merry Xmas!

I'm wanting to "upgrade" members based upon how long they've been a registered user. For eg

< 3 months - Student
6 months - Uplevel
12 months - Quantum
2 years+ - Godlike

At the moment Im simply changing the users banner manually, but I'd like to automate this


I tried setting a user group promotion and changing the settings like this


But that didn't seem to do anything.

Is this a CRON job or something that has to run overnight?

Ideally Id like to change the members banner and the title.


Tracy Perry

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As with most promotions.. they are cron jobs that run regularly, and they also depend on the user being active in a reasonable amount of time.
You can always manually run the cron jobs and if necessary rebuild the caches.

The user promotion cron job normally (from looking) runs every hour at 20 minutes after the hour. But as I said, the user will have to have been active within the last 60 or so days (I don't remember exactly what it is) for it to apply. If they have not been, once they log back in, the next time the cron job runs they will get promoted.