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Lack of interest Automatic SEO Links for xenForo

Marco Famà

Active member
Dear all,

I have been using this "Automatic SEO Links" plugin for years:
on my Wordpress site, and still am happy with it.

It's quite a basic one, but it does the job.
Whenever a string is found in a post content, it automatically links to what you want it to.

I was wondering if there's something like this for xenForo - free or premium - which can meet my needs.

Any hints?

Thanks for your time!


Well-known member
I think you can do it with the censor function. But I don't know how to pass the original words to the substituted string to create the href link.

Penso tu possa farlo già tramite la funzione di censura. Se trova quella parola/gruppo di parole le sostituisce con altro testo... l'unica cosa è che non so come passargli le parole originarie per creare il link href.

p.s. Ogni tanto passo per il tuo sito sui timelapse, complimenti!

Marco Famà

Active member
mmm... I don't know how to do it either, sorry... :(
Hope someone else can come up with another idea or solution.

Thanks for your reply!

p.s. Grazie mille :)