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This is a mix between autoresponder systems (like by @Xon and by @lol768 ), new user notifications ( by @ragtek ), extra user criteria ( by @Brogan ), the Inactive User Mail notifier ( by @ragtek ) and the "Message Users" system included at Xenforo.

I send a "huge" first Welcome PM with lots of Calls to Action: link to a "how to start" thread, read the forum guidelines, follow us on facebook& twitter, share the forum with their friends, introduce yourself, add your custom avatar...
Result: almost nobody reads the whole PM.

To send automatic PMs to new members based on certain criteria.
Do not send them altogether, but making like a "sales funnel" and send a different PM each week.

Day 0: as they register they got a normal "Welcome PM": link to "how to start" thread and forum guidelines.
Day 7 (or custom):
if no post at "Presentations subforum" ( by @Allan ) = Hey, introduce yourself here -> LINK
Day 14 (or custom):
if no avatar = add your own avatar, here's how.
Day 21:
are you already following us at Facebook: do it now!
Day 30:
do you want to get read of mailing notifications, here's how.
etc. etc.

So each new member will get a bunch of new PMs on a regular basis, each of the PMs focused on a CTA.
Users can opt-out from getting these automatic PMs.
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@Breixo i am interesting on this job. please send me PM for further discussion..
Sure, replied.
I'd be interested in seeing that. If you're happy to share it with us?
The Welcome PM? Sure, it's in Spanish, quick translation:

Hi name,
You're already registered at, I'm glad you decided to join us.

I explain here "HOW TO START":
LINK: Top 5 things to do on the community

Please, don't ask for help privately. I won't be able to answer.
Use the forum, more people will be able to help you and we all win.

Welcome on board!

PD: the basic guideline: RESPECT (link).
PD2: follow us on fb & tw
PD3: do you have a blog? link to post asking for links
PD4: did we help you? link to paywithatweet platform
PD5: please, be welcome and introduce yourself at presentations forum

It's something "standard" that can be completely improved with a system like this one.
Result: almost nobody reads the whole PM.
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That's not the only negative thing.
Having so many Click To Actions makes the new member to take no action at all :(
My guess is that dividing the CTAs into several autoPM each weer or so will increase the actions made by the new member.
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