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XF 1.2 Automated posting bot, based on variable fields?

I'm looking for a solution. I have a new site I want to create and I'd like to auto-create hundreds of threads in the system without having to manually type them in.

For example, if I already had the forum node structure setup for every major city in the USA, let's just say that I created 250 nodes, then I would want a tool that could quickly and easily start a new thread inside each of the nodes with variable information that could be supplied in a csv file (I have no idea how it would be fed, that's what I'm partially asking).

However, the end result would be that I could have a forum where each node would have a new thread started.

Formula: {keyword1} and {keyword2} times in {city}, {state} for {year}

Then feed the list and have threads like this populated:
Sunrise and Sunset times in Butte, Montana for 2014
Sunrise and Sunset times in Boise, Idaho for 2014

... clearly there would have to be a way to map these.

I'd ok with doing it semi-manually and creating a sql statement that would do it all and attach it to a specific user where I'd have to update the core information each time ... but that's a last resort. I've literally got thousands of these that I'd like to create.


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Are you able to write PHP? If so, you'll be able to use the DataWriter for threads to programmatically create new threads in your site. This is how the Resource Manager and several other add-ons accomplish automatic threads.