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Auto-show image link as image 1.0

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When you convert the url to display the actual image. How is this done? Via attachment? The reason why I ask, is because I use an addon that converts external images to attachments if they are posted on my forum. I was just curious how this addon works, so I could decide if it plays well with the addon I mentioned.
Good add-on, works great….. But on my forum, I have disabled Images in Signatures Permission, but with this add-on, it's displaying image urls as images in Signatures. Because a few members have got links to images in their sigs.

Can you block this add-on from detecting image urls in Signatures pls. Or even better, maybe add an option in ACP for disabling this.

I'm getting this error when I try to install the addon:

Please enter a valid callback method (Starvnnet_UrlToImg_Listener::formatter).
@ineedhelp : Thanks for your suggestion but I can't do it right now. Because it's too hard to know where links come from, content or signature. I'll find the way how to do it and release in next versions.

@Mark Wein : Listenner.php is located in library/Starvnnet/UrlToImg
Are you sure?
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@starvnnet can you make this compatible with 1.3 pls... It's giving errors every second, so I've had to disable it for now.

ErrorException: sprintf() [<a href='function.sprintf'>function.sprintf</a>]: Too few arguments - library/Starvnnet/UrlToImg/BBcode.php:71
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This really a great addon and very useful but looks like not much people care it, anybody have similar addon like this ?
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