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There is an high season, where thousands of new and existing members flood my forums within few days - and write an "uncountable" amount of messages. In these days it is impossible, even for 20 or more moderators, to check all threads for any illegal message (my forums' topic is highly brisant). Moreover, these messages are only interesting in those days - there is almost no information, which is worth being kept in forums after the high season.

There was a plugin we still use for our vBulletin - Self Destruct:

With that plugin it is possible, to mark single forums and sub-forums for self-destruction and to set a time peroid (eg. 5 days). All new threads started in these forums will be marked for self-destruction. Users kann still post replies till the very last moment. At the end of the time period the thread will be completely moved to a special closed and/or hidden sub-forum, the trash bin of my forums which is manually emptied after the high season.

A friend of mine even improved the plugin a little. Additionally the moderators and administrators can mark any thread in any forums for self-destruction, if they recognize that there is only small-talk and chatting in a thread. These threads will be moved within a shorter time period (normally 2 days) to the trash forum too, even if they were not started in a sub-forum which was set for self-destruction.

Whenever a thread is marked for self-destruction, the users see a small clock icon and the time period, when the trhread we be deleted (moved).

Is there any chance, that anybody is writing such an add-on for xenForo, please? What would be needed to do so or to motivate one of you cracks?! ;)

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I paid the first programming for my needs and tested it. It became a well done addon by Nobita with the features I needed (even little more). All words are in phrases so you can translate it easily into your native language. I did not check with xf1.2b (1.1.5 only till now), but will do it very soon. For 1.1.5 it works like a charm.

Just contact @Nobita.Kun if you would like to share that addon.
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