XF 2.1 Auto select "None" in admin options for select created via Forum::renderSelect()


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Hi folks,

This is a continuation of https://xenforo.com/community/threa...e-as-a-one-time-activity.211409/#post-1607173

I've managed to render a nice select tag auto filled with all the forum and category nodes using the approach above. However, when the option is created, I notice that by default a "Category" is autoselected and not "None"


This select tag also has a None option but it isn't selected even though I've given the default value as "0" in the option config.

Since the select tag is intended to have only a "Forum" selected, it doesn't make sense to have a "Category" auto selected (even though it's disabled). Is there a way to have "None" selected by default?

Here is the option configuration:
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