Auto redirect advertisements/ Pop Ups

Some of my members are getting auto-redirect advertisements/popups a lot when using my forum, its only when they are using the site on the phones. Mostly messages saying they have won a free iphone6. Anybody come across this or know a solution ...?


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Presumably it's something you've added to your site in the form of an add-on, or advertising you have added. A link to your site to see them issue would be helpful.


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Can you give examples of when it's happening (just arriving on your site, particular threads?) Does it just happen to members or to guests too? Is it all mobile platforms or just some (Android, iOS, Windows)? Which browsers are used?

I've just visited your site as a guest on both my Android tablet and phone and can't see any pop-up ads.
Not sure if it happens to guests, I have only got reports of it on the mobiles. Some of the comments from my members.

When I first hit the site it happens, IOS. Safari

Happens me mostly on log in but sometimes when I try to send a PM. Android.

Happening to me on chrome on my android phone.