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Auto move by prefix - Auto moves threads based on thread prefix.

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Auto moves threads based on thread prefix.

This add-on is very useful to automatically move threads from a classified forum where the item has been sold to...

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Does this do only one prefix per XenForo installation? I just added one but don't see a list of pre-fixes to be moved. I'm guessing it's only good for one prefix. What I'd LIKE to use this for is my "General Discussion" forum gets a large amount of posts that already have a specific area for discussion. In other words, people are going to my General Discussion forum and posting about TOPIC-A when there's already a discussion forum for TOPIC-A.

My plan was to force a poster to select a prefix and then use this mod to automatically have the topics moved accordingly. But it looks like that scenario won't be possible if there's more than one prefix...
So this is a interesting addon. I am looking for something like this but for normal threads in a normal discussion node. What im looking for is to be able to make as much forward rules as i want. So per prefix 1 rule like you show in the pictures. Is this even possible for more then 1 prefix, lets say 100+? Every prefix will have another end node destination.
Would be nice if when the thread is moved you have the ability to change the prefix - ie I use concluded to signal an automatic move - when moved would be nice is the prefix could be changed to a new one ie Archived

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