Auto-generated but custom PM (and/or alerts) for report handling


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I'm willing to pay for this (depending on price) and would love for it to then be available to everyone through the resources.


When my site gets posts or PMs/conversations reported, depending on the type of report it is, we sometimes send out a PM/Conversation to the reportee to let them know we are handling it.

As far as I know, there is no mod for this :eek:

So I'd like to get one made. Ideally, it should be able to:

  1. Auto-display/grab the one whom is handling/has claimed the report. (Like how notices can grab the viewing user's name for example.)
  2. Auto-display/grab the post title or conversation title
  3. Have the ability to change the PM/conversation title and its content
  4. Have the ability to use the Xenforo BBCode within the conversation message/PM
  5. Have the ability to set custom templates to choose from, selectable from the side of the section showing what it says.
  6. Integrate into the process of claiming a report and/or when adding notes.
  7. Ideally, there would also be an option to send another to notify the reportee that the report has been tended to and closed (preferably as part of the same conversation/PM but as long as the option to send one is there I'm not too fussed by this bit).
I'm thinking it would look layout-wise something like this:


Along with that, I'd like a second similar system as part of it or separate, but using the alerts system instead - where it simply says, "Your report for {reported content thread/conversation title} has been assigned to {staff member handling}. It should also be able to send out another when the report has been resolved or rejected. This should also be accessed through the report handling area.
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