Audentio Design is Not Finalising My Custom Skin


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Did anyone of you work with Audentio Design for custom skin before? If yes, how long do you have to wait for the custom skin to be completed? I have waited for 1.5 months and heard nothing from them since the last reply a week ago. They kept promising me that "it will be done by this xxxday" (for about 3 or 4 times already) but they didn't fulfill their promises every time. If you can't do it, you shouldn't promise me anything. And since you promised me, you should do your best. This is call responsibility. :( I was so exciting at the beginning, now I started to feel regret. I need my piece of custom skin so badly.
While I'm not a custom theme client but bought a stock theme, I can speak of their professionalism and support quality which is very good. Following from facebook about their new custome themes, I know they can deliver too. Don't know what's happening there but there must be a reason behind it. Not really the place to speak here about it.
Being able to estimate the time to do a project (cost) and the time available to do the work (schedule) are essential in any professional endeavor. Customer's have every right to have timely deliver.
An estimate is just that. A promise is much stronger. I think the original poster was simply asking if others were having similar problems with this company and it appears that the answer to that is no.
If they took alot of money and i know they did, you need to ask them to return @ least 20% of the price if they can not release the skin without some delays.
I would suggest you to talk to them via skype. Let them know that you r pissed off with promises :coffee:
Otherwise you can start to think about high-instance petitions.
First of all I think you should talk with them. No one here could sort this out for you.

On the other side, they have made seven custom (vBulletin 3.7) styles for me and I was fine with the time frame and price.
I have always found them to be good. I really don't think this is the section to be posting in though your issue is with them so go and discuss it all with them not trying to drag others into it like a little child who needs backup.
I have always found them to be good. I really don't think this is the section to be posting in though your issue is with them so go and discuss it all with them not trying to drag others into it like a little child who needs backup.

You know the idea of forums, right?
If this thread is true, this will help other ppl to understand what they can expect from Audentio.
Moderator ve moved this thread to this section. Open a ticket and try to prove your opinion to Jake or 2 s1 who ve moved this topic from other section. And don't forget to ask about moderator privileges because xenforo prob need s1 like you, who will start 2 troll ppl when they have some issues. :ROFLMAO:
I don't need to make my point that's why "forums are for" just as you said. All I said is this really shouldn't be here. It's like me coming here to complain about the colours on another site.

Its pathetic and it seems to be just the one person having issues. Maybe its the customer who is at fault and continues to ask for countless of changes time and time and time again.

I mean this really isn't the place and this thread shouldn't be here it has nothing to do with styling or customization its someone being a sook and in need of tissues.
Sometimes, we do not hit our mark, I would be a liar if I said otherwise. We do our very very best to do so, and 9 times out of 10 we do. But sometimes when changes need to be made, people have unexpected personal issues, or other conflicts we do our best to let the customer know.

As Waindigo mentioned, the industry of art and technology are extremely difficult to quote for. Many over budget, which we could do sure but we try to budget only enough time as it would take to do. That way you are getting the best deal on not only time but costs as well.

Shyuan, I am very sorry that we took too long on your job, and as I mentioned to you before we would be glad to work with you to make sure you are satisfied. Feel free to open a ticket or send me a message :)
Audentio, as you may have noticed this thread was started 2 months ago before you sent me my xf skin. So, now I am here to clarify that I have received my XF skin on the 31st August 2012 and we dealt with everything (bugs etc) nicely.

To those that think my thread shouldn't be here, I can request for deletion from moderator, and will also stop posting. Initially I posted here to seek for help (definitely not like a child needing backup) because Audentio is not responding to all my latest replies.

I didn't know posting such question thread will cause a problem for you guys. Now I understand what people at Admin Addict say about the members here. I witnessed it.
Shyuan, its fine to publicly review sometimes. Lets people know who the good and bad guys are :p. At least I'm not bothered. I understand that you asked for a service and wanted to let everyone know of your experience, which I think is okay so long as it isn't too harsh (and I don't mean just me :p). I just wanted to respond since this thread got by me. Sorry for reviving it.
I admit I was a little too emotional when I posted this thread because I couldn't see any response from your end at that point. Anyhow, it has been resolved peacefully which that was the outcome I wished to have and yes we did. I am glad you delivered me such a good theme and of course your Class theme is the most elegant XF premade skin I have ever seen up to now. Keep it up! ;)
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