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Attendee List [Deleted]


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AndyB submitted a new resource:

Attendee List - Provides an attendee list where members can register for an event.


Provides an attendee list where members can register for an event.

(Example of Attendee List link - [pic 1])

View attachment 73041

(Example of Attendee Registration overlay - [pic 2])

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(Example of BB Code in post - [pic 3])

View attachment 73043

  • Uses BB Code.
  • All attendee usernames are added to the message.
  • Uses database table to store attendee list.
  • Updates post immediately.
  • Link provided...
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Is there no way around that restriction that you have to add the thread number? What happens if someone adds a wrong number?
@gfc It simply won't work if the thread number is wrong. I didn't see anything else negative besides redirecting to the incorrect thread.

Love the addon, @AndyB
Anyone know how to make this a button?


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AndyB updated Attendee List with a new update entry:

See description.

AttendeeList v1.2 changes:

An error message would sometimes be displayed when using this add-on due to not preparing the data properly before updating the xf_search_index. Version 1.2 corrects this problem.

Please copy library/Andy/AttendeeList folder to your server and upgrade the XML file.
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Always on track, Andy - does this work with your calendar add on? or as a separate add-on?
Thank you, Andy for your PM reply

Quick question - Anyone know how to make this a button? Do you have to manually add this code each time you're creating a thread/event or there is a way to add this somewhere so that if you're creating an event it will appear in the post automatically?